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Why A Facebook Page Does Not Replace Having A Website


I have a Facebook Page for my small business, why do I need a website too?


That’s awesome if you already have a Facebook Page for your business or service. It is vital for businesses to get control over any online profile of their business that may be automatically created and found by the public. This includes sites like Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business Listings, and others. So you’re one step ahead if you have already done with claiming or creating your business’s Facebook Page.

BUT you still need a website. And I’ll explain why…

Search Engines Are Smart & Reward Unique Content

Let’s go through an example that better illustrates this…

  • You write a article related to your industry super detailed and chalk full of relevant information for your key audience.
  • You publish this article on a few websites and social media sites.
  • Google and other search engines have little “spiders” out crawling the internet and bringing back bits of info to serve back as ranked information based on the words entered into the search query box by an inquisitive user.
  • Google thinks your article is full of great info that this person keying in a search will find it super useful, but it finds the same article written on several websites. Which does it show first? The first site you posted the information to is more likely to get shown before other sites that share the same exact same content. This is one way search engines reward fresh new unique original content.

But you may still be fine with that site getting shown being your Facebook Page. So let’s explore this deeper.

Facebook Is…

An Advertising Platform

Let’s do another quick exercise…

  • Your Facebook page has 100 likes.
  • You post something new.
  • How many of the people that have liked your page will see the post you made in their FB feed?
    • 100? No.
      • 75? Nope.
        • 50? Not likely.
          • 25? Maybe.
            • Most likely? 10 to 20 if you’re lucky.

Organic reach is the term for how many people see the information you share without paying for it.

Remember, in the end, Facebook is a business and they need to make money. One of the ways they do this is by making FB page admins pay to have their posts reach more of the people that have liked the page. So if you’re OK with paying to reach your own audience, by all means continue that strategy and let me know how that works out for you in the long run.

Built For Scrolling

Budget reasons aside, the other reason Facebook is not a replacement for having a website is attention span. The many bright people that build Facebook have lots of information at their hands about how people use their site and they design it so people keep using it more. An example of this include:

Facebook cuts off lengthy text posts after 480 characters with a link. This is bad for two reasons, any time you throw in an action the user has to take to see or do something, the less likely it is they’ll do it. Facebook by default makes a user click the “Continue Reading” or “Show More” link to see the remainder of the long text post. This bring us to the other reson, unless the shown text grabs their attention in the first place, the rest of the information that you’ve shared won’t even get seen.

Out Of Your Control

A website has the power to kick you off at any time for any reason. Facebook and every other platform have done so to both individual and business accounts that have spent years building an audience on their platforms. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a accident waiting to happen.

These are a few of the reasons why you ABSOLUTELY need a real website for your business, and why having only a Facebook page for you business is ill advised.

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