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Mike’s Party Mart


Sarah designed my store site to look very professional and her knowledge of adding key search phrases to my website has moved me up to and near the top on google and most all search engines.

We have had new customers call us for orders from out of state and people traveling on I-75 Interstate highway passing through the Bowling Green area, something we never had before!

Sarah takes the time on a personal basis to really focus and takes a indepth approach in understanding your business and what you as the business owner are trying to accomplish to improve your business reputation and profits.

Their is no doubt, Sarah's personalized website design will improve your business image and presence on the internet and world wide web.

  • ~ Mike Tyson, Owner/Mgr. of Mike's Party Mart in Bowling Green OH (





I was connected to Mike through a mutual friend. He is the owner of a small party store down in Bowling Green (Ohio) called Mike's Party Mart. Mike's Party Mart provides a wide selection of products from beer, wine, liquor, tobacco, lottery and more.

Mike's original website wasn't very pretty or informative. We worked together to recreate the site, while still keeping it very simple, to offer accurate information and most importantly for Mike, help his business get listed in the first 1 - 4 search spots for very important search keywords and phrases. As you'll see below, I think we were more than successful.

Highlights of Redesign:

Local Search Ranking DOMINATION!

  • #3 Search Result & #1 Map Listing for "Party Store Bowling Green"
  • #1 Search Result & #1 Map Listing for "Wine Bowling Green"
  • #4 Search Result & #2 Map Listing for "Beer Bowling Green"
  • #2 Search Result &  Business Listing Sidebar for "Beer Store Bowling Green"
  • #2 Search Result & #1 Map Listing for "Wine Store Bowling Green"
  • #3 Search Result for "Lottery Bowling Green"
  • #4 Search Result & Business Listing Sidebar for "Liquor Bowling Green"

Took Control of Google "My Business" Listing

In case you're unfamiliar, Google is a search engine. It sends out little spiders that scrape the internet and serves up information when people search for specific keywords, like the name of your business.

Part of what Google does is display information about your business to people that it thinks might be of high value, like your website, physical address, phone number, business hours, reviews, photos people have posted to social media, etc.

Unfortunately, this information is not always accurate. By taking control of the Google Business listing for Mike's Party Mart. We were able to make sure the information listed to potential customers was correct. In addition, we got Mike access to valuable data insights from Google like the number of click's on the business's phone number, driving direction requests and overall traffic views.

UNSOLICITED Feedback From Mike's Party Mart Customer:

Hi Sarah -- I just wanted to let you know I think you did a great job on Mike's Website. It's packed with information about what is available in his store and easy to navigate. Good job, and good luck. I'm just a customer of Mike's, but I'll recommend you if I hear of someone looking for a web designer. - Mary (10/25/2016)

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