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Captain Mike’s: True North Sailing Adventures


Captain Mike needed a website to start feeling the waters (pun completely intended) for an adventure travel tourism by sailboat business idea. The goal of the website is as a simple introduction to get Mike blogging on a regular basis, familiar with managing his own self hosted WordPress(.org) website, gathering some stats on which pages get the most web traffic, and of course, a way for him to communicate to interested guests the planned sailing trips on his calendar for 2017 that are available for up to 6 lucky guests to tag along on for FREE!

Over the course of a few weeks, we discussed and worked through what the website needed to accomplish now and what it would need to do later.

Priorities of This Project:

  • Travel Calendar
  • Contact Forms (Easy To Use & Available On Every Relevant Page)
  • Google Analytics
  • Automation
    • Connected to Facebook
    • RSS Email Newsletter
  • & More

Next Steps:

I'll be working with Mike on an as needed basis to provide one-on-one WordPress training and helping make the site even better as ideas and need arise.


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