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Captain Mike’s: True North Sailing Adventures


Captain Mike needed a website to start feeling the waters (pun completely intended) for an adventure travel tourism by sailboat business idea. The goal of the website is as a simple introduction to get Mike blogging on a regular basis, familiar with managing his own self hosted WordPress(.org) website, gathering some stats on which pages get the most web traffic, and of course, a way for him to communicate to interested guests the planned sailing trips on his calendar for 2017 that are available for up to 6 lucky guests to tag along on for FREE!

Over the course of a few weeks, we discussed and worked through what the website needed to accomplish now and what it would need to do later.

Priorities of This Project:

  • Travel Calendar
  • Contact Forms (Easy To Use & Available On Every Relevant Page)
  • Google Analytics
  • Automation
    • Connected to Facebook
    • RSS Email Newsletter
  • & More

Next Steps:

I'll be working with Mike on an as needed basis to provide one-on-one WordPress training and helping make the site even better as ideas and need arise.


PetMassage™ Training and Research Institute


This project became a redesign by necessity. WordPress is a great tool, but it and the parts of it, need to be kept updated. Unfortunately when the plugin versions are so out of date, attempting to update can break the site. That was the case here.

Priorities of This Project:

  • Emphasize Workshops (You'll see they take center state on the redesigned site).
  • Using WooCommerce for physical and digital products sold in the store.
  • Implementing an Ticket system for time based products like events, workshops, etc.
  • Google Analytics
  • & More


PetMassage Before Screenshot


International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork (IAAMB)


IAAMB/ACWT is a professional organization for individuals in the field of Animal Massage. The are based out of Toledo Ohio and contacted me with interest in redesigning their website.

Highlights of Redesign:

Google Analytics

Unfortunately like far too many businesses, the good folks working hard every day at IAAMB had never heard of Google Analytics. And maybe you haven't either. Google Analytics is a FREE tool that can be enabled with the insertion of a teeny tiny bit of code within your website that opens up a world of useful and anonymous data about how visitors ACTUALLY use your website. Google Analytics was launched on November 14, 2005. I helped IAAMB get it on their site in late November 2016. I'd like you to pause and really let these dates sink in. That's over a decade of lost information like which geographic regions the website is most popular with, how long visitors spend on the site and each page, which pages they land on, travel to next, and leave from, etc. This information is incredibly useful for anyone with any kind of website, not just business owners. But you can easily see how this information is extra valuable for business owners. This information can help you craft marketing strategies, measure the effectiveness of efforts, see when there's a new article linking to your site, and more.

Membership Plugin

I did research on various membership plugins available, explained the pros and cons of each as related to the unique considerations of this client, and implemented the plugin. While modernizing with new processes can be scary, it also helps empower customers to take more actions on their own, like joining or renewing their membership.



IAAMB Before


Mike’s Party Mart


Sarah designed my store site to look very professional and her knowledge of adding key search phrases to my website has moved me up to and near the top on google and most all search engines.

We have had new customers call us for orders from out of state and people traveling on I-75 Interstate highway passing through the Bowling Green area, something we never had before!

Sarah takes the time on a personal basis to really focus and takes a indepth approach in understanding your business and what you as the business owner are trying to accomplish to improve your business reputation and profits.

Their is no doubt, Sarah's personalized website design will improve your business image and presence on the internet and world wide web.

  • ~ Mike Tyson, Owner/Mgr. of Mike's Party Mart in Bowling Green OH (





I was connected to Mike through a mutual friend. He is the owner of a small party store down in Bowling Green (Ohio) called Mike's Party Mart. Mike's Party Mart provides a wide selection of products from beer, wine, liquor, tobacco, lottery and more.

Mike's original website wasn't very pretty or informative. We worked together to recreate the site, while still keeping it very simple, to offer accurate information and most importantly for Mike, help his business get listed in the first 1 - 4 search spots for very important search keywords and phrases. As you'll see below, I think we were more than successful.

Highlights of Redesign:

Local Search Ranking DOMINATION!

  • #3 Search Result & #1 Map Listing for "Party Store Bowling Green"
  • #1 Search Result & #1 Map Listing for "Wine Bowling Green"
  • #4 Search Result & #2 Map Listing for "Beer Bowling Green"
  • #2 Search Result &  Business Listing Sidebar for "Beer Store Bowling Green"
  • #2 Search Result & #1 Map Listing for "Wine Store Bowling Green"
  • #3 Search Result for "Lottery Bowling Green"
  • #4 Search Result & Business Listing Sidebar for "Liquor Bowling Green"

Took Control of Google "My Business" Listing

In case you're unfamiliar, Google is a search engine. It sends out little spiders that scrape the internet and serves up information when people search for specific keywords, like the name of your business.

Part of what Google does is display information about your business to people that it thinks might be of high value, like your website, physical address, phone number, business hours, reviews, photos people have posted to social media, etc.

Unfortunately, this information is not always accurate. By taking control of the Google Business listing for Mike's Party Mart. We were able to make sure the information listed to potential customers was correct. In addition, we got Mike access to valuable data insights from Google like the number of click's on the business's phone number, driving direction requests and overall traffic views.

UNSOLICITED Feedback From Mike's Party Mart Customer:

Hi Sarah -- I just wanted to let you know I think you did a great job on Mike's Website. It's packed with information about what is available in his store and easy to navigate. Good job, and good luck. I'm just a customer of Mike's, but I'll recommend you if I hear of someone looking for a web designer. - Mary (10/25/2016)