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Hands-On, Small Business Digital Consultant Focused on the Toledo Ohio Area

I support small businesses in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan region see their website as the first part of a larger equation. I go beyond the typical web design project experience, by guiding business owners and their team as we work through the entire process of creating an effective online presence together, this includes:

  • Defining objectives.
  • Creating success metrics for data driven decision making.
  • Researching competition, market, keywords, audience, etc.
  • Examining existing business processes with a focus on efficiency while still providing the ideal customer experience.
  • Breaking down goals into actionable phases that offer real world results through iterations. There is no magic wand. Progress is a cumulative sum of efforts pushing the needle a little bit further each time.
  • Investigating technical solutions available and selecting the best for each unique business based on their needs.
  • Prioritizing and strategizing.
  • Implementing, adapting and pivoting as needed.

My goal for your website, is to help you do the hard work to make it an effective tool for your business.

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